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CL-14 Sailboat for Sale

Photo of CL-14 for sale
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  • L.O.A. : 14'2" 4.3 m
  • L.W.L. : 13'11" 4.1 m
  • Beam : 5'7" 1.7 m
  • Draft : c/b 3'6 1.05 m
  • Draft : 8" 20 cm
  • Weight : 240 Lbs 108.9 kg
  • Sailarea: 120 sq.ft. 11 sq.m
  • Portsmouth Rating: 96

The choice of many yacht clubs, sailing schools and camps for their training sloop. The CL14 has remarkable stability and ease of handling with a double chine, planing hull and uncomplicated rig.

The deep, open cockpit provides dry and comfortable sailing with easy access forward storage. The unsinkable hull has all around sealed in foam buoyancy for safety and support in case of capsize. The pivoting fiberglass centerboard and rudder allows sailing in shallow waters and easy beaching/launching.

Ready to sail:

  • Dacron mainsail and jib (fair condition), with all battens
  • Anodized aluminum mast and boom (foam filled)
  • Stainless steel rigging and fittings, braided dacron sheets
  • Boom-vang
  • Mid-boom sheeting with cleating block, jib fairleads and cleats
  • Pivoting fiberglass centreboard and rudderblade
  • Aluminum rudderhead, tiller with hiking extension
  • Maintenance free thwart
  • Replacement parts and accessories all available from CL Sailboats

Sorry, this one is sold.

Photo of CL-14 for sale
Recent Photo of CL-14 #443

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