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Pocket History is distributed as shareware. If you wish to continue to use Pocket History on your C-Pen after the trial period has expired, you must register the program. Once you have completed the form below to send your C-Pen serial number to and paid using one of the options below, you will receive a PIN number which will allow you to continue to use the program.

Email address:
C-Pen Serial Number:

If you get an error when submitting this form, please use your browser back button to return here,
send your serial number by email to and continue with the payment options.
Registered users will be notified of upgrades and enhancements to the Pocket History programs and will be entitled to free upgrades to any future versions of Pocket History which may be released.

For your convenience, payment for Pocket History registration can be made with major shareware registration services or by direct online payment transfers. All of the options below allow secure ordering online and are backed by privacy policies and satisfaction guarantees.

ShareIt! £ 14.95
$ 29.95
€ 24.95
VISA, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express, Diner's Club, Bank transfer, check. Also phone, fax, email, or postal orders in 6 languages.
RegSoft $ 29.95 Order online or by fax or toll free (US) phone call. All major credit cards. Eurocheques.

$ 29.95. Accepts VISA, MasterCard, Direct Bank Debit, PayPal credit transfers.

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