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Kite Aerial Photography for the Simple Minded

Details of the Sling

The sling is constructed using a plastic rod cut from a coathanger, a swivel joint borrowed from a Helping Hands Tool, a piece of scrap plastic 3/8" x 3/4" x 4", and a rubber band.

Select a coathanger made of the type of plastic which bends rather than breaks. It is probably nylon or some similar material. Cut out a 15 inch rod from the bottom of the hanger.

Drill three 1/8 inch holes through the hanger. One in the center, and two about 3/4 of an inch from each end.

Screw a 1 inch machine screw through the center hole. It should create its own threads and fit tightly.

Remove one ball joint and the associated hardware from the Helping Hands.

Attach the ball to the screw and tighten the thumb screw.

Clamp the two metal parts around the ball and one end of the plastic camera support and tighten as shown. The angle can be adjusted in order to aim the camera in different directions.

A rubber band is used to attach the camera to the support.

First launch the kite and make sure that the wind is strong and smooth enough to fly the kite.

Let the kite out (or bring it back in) so that about twenty feet of line is out.

Make a bend in the line and insert it through the hole on the side of the camera. Open the loop and slide the camera through it. This will secure the camera to the line so that if it falls off the support, it won't go anywhere.

Attach the camera to the support with the rubber band.

Make another bend in the line and push it through one of the holes near the end of the horizontal support. Pull the loop through and take it around the end of the rod. Pull it tight. Do the same thing at the other end of the rod.

The tension in the line will lock the loops so that the rod will become part of the line. The safety loop between the holes in the rod and through the camera should be relatively slack.

Although the 50 pound line provided with the kite will probably work in lighter winds and if you don't wish to re-use it too many times, 100 pound braided dacron line will be much safer and can stand the strain of the attachments better. Do not use spectra line as the loops will cut the line under tension. A 1,000 foot reel will let you fly the kite to a good altitude.

The Kite

Parafoil Rainbow 5

Frameless Design
Durable Ripstop Nylon
Ripstop Nylon Bag
20" x 32"
Streamer tail
500ft of 50lb line
Yo-Yo winder
Winds 6 to 25mph

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The Camera

Mustek Mini3

640x480 to 2048x1536
2.1M pixel CMOS sensor
120 sec 320x240 video
F2.8 normal/macro
1/15 ~ 1/4000 sec shutter
Li Ion battery
69mm x 47mm x 11mm
(2.7" x 1.8" x 0.4")
40g (1.4oz)

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The Helicopter


Ready to fly
Twin Electric Motor
2 channel Radio Control

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