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Firebird Z-One Paraglider for Sale - DHV1

€ 1000
or best offer

with Sup‘Air X-Alps Harness

€ 1250
or best offer

After 2 years, I have decided to move up to a DHV 1-2 wing (the Gradient Golden 2), and now my beloved Firebird Z-One is for sale.

This wing has been wonderful to fly. For a DHV 1, it performed so well that it was hard to find a good replacement. I demoed many wings before finally deciding any were better than this wing.

  • Great first wing for beginning pilot or student (used by many schools).
  • Perfect second wing for conservative, safety conscious pilot. (It was my third wing)
  • Recent professional inspection - in perfect condition.

The wing has only 100 hours of flying. I can personally attest to its easy launch handling, innate stability and performance that seemed to me to be better than the statistics show. It always kept up with the other wings in the air, and took me to the top of the gaggle on many occasions.

Some of my flights on this wing are viewable on Leonardo.

At 5.2 kg, it is one of the lightest wings available. That is great for hiking and transportation. It also helps for light wind launching.

In flight, it is an exceptionally stable wing. On more than one occasion other pilots were talking about rough air, when I had experienced a calm and enjoyable flight.

Offered together with the Sup'Air X-Alps Harness. This is a very comfortable light weight harness that is red and black and has also been used about 100 hours.

the original Firebird backpack can also be included. It has only been used a few times.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I will be happy to answer them. The wing is located near Annecy in France right now and can be demoed.

Flying over Chicamocha Canyon (actual wing)

Firebird Z-One Medium

Fly and have fun, without compromises- DHV 1 The Z-One is a highly modern training and all around glider built with the latest technologies. Of course the Z-One has diagonal cells as well as twin A-risers. The sophisticated construction of the canopy results in a reduced number of lines as with the H-cell technology only every third cell is suspended. The easy start handling without flying forward or moving sidewards guarantees relaxed starts with the Z-One. This is especially appreciated by students and pilots who only fly occasionally. The easy-going flight characteristics particularly in rough conditions contribute essentially to safe and relaxed flying.

 Technical facts:medium
 Pilot weightkg60 - 85
 Take Off weight incl. gliderkg80 - 105
 Area projected26.1
 Span projected10,2
 Aspect Ratio5,1
 Aspect Ratio projected4
 Number of cellsStk.40
 Speed Trimkm/h36
 DHV classDHV HG1

Easy launch handling

Not as fast as some birds

Peter Jennings