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The C-Pen 800 by C Technologies™ is a computer in a pen.

It looks like a simple scanner, but with a 100 MHz processor, a megabyte of RAM, and 8 megabytes of flash memory, to call this little unit a scanner is to underestimate its capabilities.

Sure, it can read text with 98% accuracy. And you can enter text by writing normal characters instead of simplified graffiti. And of course you can transfer thousands of pages of text to or from your desktop computer. But you can also use that computing power to translate foreign words with the downloadable full sized Oxford, Merriam-Webster’s or Norstedts dictionaries.

And then again, it is a PDA. It has a calendar that synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, and an address book that synchronizes with the Windows Address Book and accepts IR transfers from those other PDAs.

But what really makes it a useful tool, is that it is user programmable. With the comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) freely downloadable from C Technologies, programmers can create new applications, games, and systems extensions.

The purpose of this site is to provide a central location for third party applications, downloadable software, hints and tips for users and developers, and rants and raves about the C-Pen.

C-Pen Owners
Find downloadable applications for your C-Pen. J Notes is a new note taking module that captures images of handwriting and small graphics as well as allowing some users to type text into the C-Pen with one hand. Tell us what you would like to see your C-Pen do. We will list your ideas on the Software page.

C Programmers
Send us your applications or snippets of code to help others write code more quickly and efficiently. We will post them on our tips and code snippets pages. Programming the C-Pen is not difficult, and C Technologies provides all the tools you need for free. Check out our Beginner's Guide to programming the C-Pen.

Custom Applications
If you need a custom application for the C-Pen, post it on the web site. If you are a C programmer who wishes to develop applications for the C-Pen, we will list your contact information here.

This site is not affiliated with C Technologies in any way. What would you like to see on this site? Tell us. We want to know. What would you like to see in the next version of the C-Pen? We have some ideas. Tell us yours.

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