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Software for the C-Pen

J Notes is a total note taking solution for the C-Pen that you can use to capture and view printed text and handwriting.

  • OCR: Capture text into a file with a quick scan.
  • Images: Capture images of handwriting, signatures and small graphics.
  • C Write: Enter text using the C-Pen script.
  • Time Stamp: Time stamp entries with one click (800 models only).
  • View: Review captured text and images on the pen without leaving J Notes.
  • Transfer: Transfer captured text and images to your Windows PC.
Download J Notes

The Pocket Guide to World History encapsulates the history of the world in 10,000 quick reference items with 15,000 dates. Scan a name or date, and see the facts instantly.

A compact comprehensive reference guide to the history of the world.

  • Dictionary: 10,000 reference entries.
  • Chronology: 15,000 dates and events. 4600000 BCE to 2001 AD.
  • Hypertext: Link from one entry to another.
  • Compact: Only 1 megabyte. Leaves room for dictionaries as well.
  • Browse: Random browse mode lets you wander through the whole book.
  • Trivia: Authoritative answers to thousands of questions.

Download Pocket History.

Visidex is a simple database application for Windows and the C-Pen. Visidex can be used to create a data file which can be installed on the C-Pen for instant searching by scanning a line of text.

Typical Applications of Visidex on the C-Pen:

  • Address and telephone number contact lists.
  • Lists of books and CDs sorted by author/artist.
  • Glossaries of specialized words and definitions.
  • Dictionaries of translated foreign words and vocabularies.
  • Inventory product codes and item descriptions.
  • Technical data and specifications.
  • Unformatted text for reading while travelling.
  • Portable recipe lists and equivalent card files.
Download Visidex.

More free software for the C-Pen is available from Paul Cookson’s web site. He has developed a utility for re-ordering your C-Pen application on the screen, a Reference Manager compatible bibliography tool, and a simple stock control system using bar codes.

Coming Soon

The following are ideas for programs that could run on the C-Pen. Please add to the list, or hasten development, by telling me which ones are of interest to you.

Utilities: Password protected reader. Calculator. Rolodex. Database. Scrolling Image viewer. Map viewer. Golf score keeper. Phone Dialer. Checkbook register. Global clock. Stopwatch. Egg or Game Timer. Recipes. Metronome. Counter. Flashcards. Card Index.

Games: Chess. Checkers (Draughts). Concentration. Mastermind. Anagrams. Pool. Blackjack. Reversi. Crossword dictionary. Hangman. Trivia. Bowling. Baseball. Golf. Solitaire.

The C-Pen has the power to run all of the applications listed above. Some of them (Stopwatch, Game Timer, Counter), could be programmed in a few hours.


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