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Visidex is a C-Pen Application which can be used to access data stored on a C-Pen in a free-form database. Text data of virtually any kind can be stored on the pen for instant access by scanning text or C-Write search.

  • Windows Application for generating and editing the data on a PC.
  • Text data can be indexed and sorted or totally free form.
  • Instant access to indexed database entries.
  • Fast text search to all text in the database.
  • Implement dictionaries and glossaries in a few hours.
  • Transfer existing vocabulary lists for immediate use.
  • Transfer card catalogue data from the PC to the C-Pen.
  • Multiple data files can be stored on one C-Pen.
  • Data size limited only by C-Pen memory.
  • Free dictionaries and databases are available on the internet.
  • Works with C-Pen models 800, 800C and 600C.
Typical Applications of Visidex on the C-Pen:
  • Address and telephone number contact lists.
  • Lists of books and CDs sorted by author/artist.
  • Glossaries of specialized words and definitions.
  • Dictionaries of translated foreign words and vocabularies.
  • Inventory product codes and item descriptions.
  • Technical data and specifications.
  • Unformatted text for reading while travelling.
  • Portable recipe lists and equivalent card files.
Available Visidex data files:

French-English Dictionary
Spanish-English Dictionary
Medieval Dictionary


Searching a Visidex data file is as easy as scanning a word of text from a page, or entering the first few letters of the word using C-Write.

Search for abonnee

The data file is searched for words which match the search word, and the results are displayed on the C-Pen LCD screen.

Search for abonnee

Accents and the case of the letters are ignored. If the data file is organized into alphabetical order, the search will be instantaneous, but this is not necessary. A million character random order file takes about 20 seconds to search.

Words in the text can be selected for hypertext searching based on the results of each search.

Search for Duby

The search word is highlighted in the results.

The sample data in this example is a NetSERF's Medieval Glossary downloaded from a website and converted using the Visidex PC application. In this case, it took about an hour to convert and clean up the data for use as a C-Pen database. Once completed, the database can easily be maintained on the PC and used on the C-Pen as an instant reference while reading in the library or at the beach.

Read the Visidex manual.

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