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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the scan stop before I have finished the entire line?

The C-Pen interprets white space as the end of the scan. In some cases, a second attempt at a different speed, or scanning from right to left instead of left to right will capture the entire line. In other cases, it is necessary to scan each part separately.

It helps if handwriting is on lined paper because the line will "fill in" the gaps which would otherwise cause the C-Pen camera to stop scanning. If you are designing a form for data capture using J Notes, use a box or line to guide the pen's image capture software as well as the writer's pen.

Why is my C-Pen beeping after every scan?

J Notes is warning you that the file you are using is over 256K in size. It is usually a good idea to start a new file when you have accumulated this much data in one file.

Nothing happens when I press the Trigger button.

To scan text, the OCR button must be highlighted. To scan images, the IMG button must be highlighted. Also, on the 600 model pens, you must make sure the Exchange Trigger/Escape setting is not selected in the Settings Utility. On the 800 model pens, the Autotrigger option must be used. Consult your C-Pen manual for more about these settings.

The shareware version of J Notes expires after 25 uses. After this time, no new data can be scanned but the other functions of the program will continue to work. In order to unlock the program you will require a PIN code which is unique to your C-Pen. J Notes Registration is available on the web with a number of payment options.

I am a C-Pen dealer. Can I install J Notes on the pens that I sell?

You may install the shareware version of J Notes and your customer will be able to register it online. You can also become a J Notes dealer and take advantage of our dealer pricing. Email sales for more information.

I need a custom version of J Notes for a specific application.

If you would like to use the capability of J Notes in a business application, but have specific needs requiring changes to the C-Pen module, or Windows software, contact the author, for information on our rates for custom programming.

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