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Frequently Asked Questions

I have compiled a useful Visidex file. Would you like to offer it on your website?

Absolutely. We will collect files generated by users on the CPenPlus web site. If you wish to charge for the information, we can make arrangements to distribute your data for a fee, or we can link to your web site.

I am a C-Pen dealer. Can I install Visidex on the pens that I sell?

You may install the shareware version of Visidex and your customer will be able to register it online. You can also become a Visidex dealer and take advantage of our dealer pricing. Email sales@cpenplus.com for more information.

I need a custom version of Visidex for a specific application.

If you would like to use the capability of Visidex in a business application, but have specific needs requiring changes to the C-Pen module, or Windows software, contact the author, for information on our rates for custom programming.

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